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Agrupación por los Derechos de los Hijos

I wouldn eat for days unless a stranger was kind enough to

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50 points submitted 8 days agoI was a homeless student canadian goose jacket for almost a year back in New York. It was the worst time of my life. My mom had kicked me out towards the end of the Fall semester for reasons I won state here.The Winter of 2013 canada goose outlet was the hardest for me. Unlike here in California, New York gets snowstorms so I was forced to find shelter. When I went into public buildings for warmth and shelter the police would force me out (I got beat by the police a couple of times too). I tried getting odd jobs but they wouldn hire me because I was literally homeless. I wouldn eat for days unless a stranger was kind enough to give me food or I hit up the shelter.Despite being homeless, I still went to school for the Spring 2014 semester since it was paid for. At that time I went to a CUNY near NYU. I never forget uk canada goose the most depressing part of that semester: circuit analysis lab. I dreaded circuit analysis. People would look at me buy canada goose jacket like I was a literal animal during circuit analysis labs (including my lab professor). Probably because I smelled and looked horrible. No one wanted to work with me so I had canada goose uk shop to canada goose store do the labs by myself. My lab professor once asked me “you do well in your labs, but why are you canada goose factory sale still even here? It obvious you a bum or something” My heart sank. Still, I managed to get straight A and do academic research with my cheap canada goose uk math and physics professors who were understanding of my situation. My calc professor encouraged me to transfer telling me that I was “wasting my talent here and that I Canada Goose Parka belonged in a top school”. She did her postdoc at a top tier UC. So I did the applications for SUNY UBuffalo, SUNY Stony Brook, Syracuse and NYU for their engineering programs. I managed to get into all four.Eventually it got to the point where I couldn even go canada goose clearance sale to school no more. CUNYs have pretty much nothing to help homeless students so I struggled. Before the Winter of 2014 my dad extended his hand saying that he would bring me to California so long as I focused on my schoolwork and transferred to UC Berkeley or UCLA. Needless to say I disappointed him (I still think I was only rejected from Cal because I had out of state 4 year college coursework; I saw people with worse applications than mines get into Cal).So yeah. It been a rollercoaster. This is why I always a bit aggressive when people say UCSC sucks. As far as I aware UCSC has resources for homeless students. The CUNY I went to did not and as a result I struggled. You want to know what sucks? CUNYs. Every last one of them is trash to me. The UC is one of the best public school systems in the country, even if it has it faults.Oh, and one thing I wanted people to know about my situation back then is that if you have to make fun of us please don do it in our faces. We already deep in despair. Saying the wrong thing might take Canada Goose Jackets us over canada goose black friday sale the edge and might cost a life (like it did for me so many times).superkamiokande 5 points submitted 1 month agoYou are right that the hardest part is getting good data with minimal noise. I don of know any EEG studies about brain signatures of particular words however I believe there are some fNIRS and fMRI studies investigating this.Rather than just thinking a particular word, it much easier and more effective to record Canada Goose sale the brain response when seeing or hearing a particular word, for several reasons. Stimulus presentation gives you better control: once the stimulus enters the perceptual system, you know it will be processed, whereas you can be sure a subject is thinking about the word in isolation. And it easier than production, which would involve canada goose uk black friday activation of the vocal system and put a lot of noise into the EEG signal.Something else you might want to look into is neural oscillations, which is an EEG analysis tool that gaining some traction with language researchers, mostly as a way of differentiating neural responses between different categories of linguistic stimulation, like active versus passive sentences (stimuli that wouldn have an obvious ERP signature).It forms a dictionary of every kmer (default 20 bases, can be adjusted in input arguments) in all sequences that canada goose uk outlet were fed to the program. Then it does a search for every kmer in every input sequence to see if Canada Goose Outlet that sequence is cheap Canada Goose conserved. If it does, the definition at key kmer (an integer, default 0) canada goose coats on sale gets one added to it. This effectively counts how many times kmer is found in input sequences.After the counts are found, creates a tabulated text file Canada Goose Online (for now I update it to output CSV) for every input sequence that shows the count of the kmer at each position on the sequence. It also includes the kmer itself so you can sort it and find what sequence the most conserved regions had.This is the end of my Noisefinder2 program, but Noisefinder3 actually organizes and plots all of the output automatically, but depends on Pandas and Matplotlibs canada goose clearance Noisefinder2 doesn require anything but base Python.

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